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  1. Israel is a Wasteland, all the land is of middle east is controled by Greece
  2. Hi! My name is KefkaPalazzos, and this is my first map. It's based in a roleplaying campaign im doing, and i decided to make it in Age of Civilization because im bored. The story is simple, and a little bit unrealistic: Stalin doesn't die in 1953, and still in the goverment more time, finally giving his role to Brezhev. The urss starts to have a good time, while USA starts sinking. After the Vietnam war, China and Urss unifies in the Great Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (GURSS). By the time of the 70-80 the capitalist block is fucked up, Britain lost the Falklands/Malvinas War, France vote
  3. are you bot?

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      Noup. i post my first map

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      ok goodjob do you want to go my discord server there no peoples : (

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