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  1. hey where is the map in Addon+ i can not find it in the game files, was it removed? if so could i have a copy of the update that included Keplar
  2. Basically a Randomly Generated map that you can put into your game files
  3. i tried that but it does not work, and only moved the provinces
  4. For some reason my 1 And 0 Provinces are not showing up, and instead are showing up with Iberian Provinces please help asap
  5. This mod is A Recreation of the Discord RP servers Known as Discord Factions RP (Now known has Nations of War RP) Which Is a Grand strategy game within discord, This mod is more of a Tribute to the Small RP group, What it will Include: New Soundtracks, 5-10 Scenarios, Four Custom maps, More Info: Age of Discord Factions 2 Is a Remake of my Never released mod Discord Factions: Darkest hour But with Refined Backgrounds and such, Each nation will also have different flags depending on what ideology Unlike the Nation shown in that Thread, This mod will be in P
  6. Aight since the creator of this has abandoned it i will continue it,
  7. Aight this is a small project where i make the Beta map of AoC2 that was never used, Around 1000 Provinces and i will also add some scenarios for it, Provinces done 6/1000
  8. I just joined this and i am mostly here for Feedback/Help on some stuff, First Does the Color map Generator Still work? Or is it broken, Cause i can not get it to work,
  9. Aight i am going to redo the entire map Hopefully it will be done soon ig
  10. Had to restart on the provinces but i did remake the first 50 provinces Here is a picture
  11. Discord Factions: Darkest hour Discord Factions: Darkest hour. Is a 1 to 1 recreation of the map from Discord factions RP 1 (a realistic discord RP) Features: 3 Scenarios, Detailed map (700 provinces), Re imaging of Discord factions RP 1's Map, Description: Discord Factions: Darkest hour. will have three scenarios being the following, 30 days war, Modern, War of Facism, Provinces done 157/700 Edit: Aight so it may a LOT more provinces then estimated probably more then 1000 Update: Discord Factions: Da
  12. Nice i will try this when its done god's speed map developer
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