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  1. The empire of Czargrad Flag: Captal:Tzargrad (Costantinople) Formed by: All nations related to Russia and Ukraine, Belarus, Byzantium (Event to become the Kingdom of Tsargrad), Moldavia (Event to become Bessarabia-Slavia) and Moldova Leader: Czar Nicholas II
  2. When is it coming out cos summer is coming in 3 days
  3. Great! But Bythinia is not right. Its wrote ''Bithynia''.
  4. I want to make a mod that develops the 5 ad scenario and adds more civs. How do I do that? I need to make It in android. I need a guide....
  5. Whatever, i dont really care about events at all. But will the rest be made in android too?
  6. Once it getr released will there be android version
  7. Also add barbarian tribes (Sciri,Lugii,Bastarni,Scythians etc) in 5 ad scenario
  8. I have some more suggs (your choice to accept them or not) Add the Dregovitsians (Empty land between Poland and the Polochans (100 AD - 900 AD) Divide the The prussians to Skalvians (North part), the Nadruwians (Central part) and Galindyans (South part) and Pomezany (Very south part) instead of the Prussians in all scenarios that contain them. Add the Aesti (Estonia) (100BC-450 AD), Samogitians (1 AD-900 AD), Vidivarii (North Silesia (100 AD-600 AD), Screrefennae (Swedish-Finnish border) (150 BC-700 AD), Romarici (Oslo and parts of sweden) (200BC-800AD), Aukshtaits (East Lithuan
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