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  1. Well, I have been advancing a little in the Africa of 1900, but not much more, unfortunately I have been very busy with various issues.
  2. Hi! This project is still alive even if it doesn't seem like it For this reason, the "mod" already has a discord server where they can progress more often and, in addition, they can contribute to the mod. Here is the link: https://discord.gg/77ceMrqKgn
  3. Here is a small preview in southern Africa on the 1900 scenario, I show this part of the scenario since practically we all know what Europe was like at that time
  4. Sure, but unfortunately in my time zone it's still the middle of winter 😞
  5. Rest assured, this is not dead, I just didn't have time to move on
  6. AGE OF CONFLICT Age of Conflict is a mod based on the modern era (1900-present), in which it will be tried to be as exact as possible to the various years in which the mod is based. From completely renewed scenarios of the First World War and the modern world, to completely new scenarios of the Cold War or the interwar period. This "Mod" I wanted to do a long time ago, I even published a post in the forum, but due to lack of time I had to delete it ... Now I have a little time to create it, so this time I will not delete it. The idea of the mod is completely inspired by Nov
  7. Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Rio Grande do Sul are unified in a single country called "Conosur"
  8. never team up with xjento dude


  9. Small advances Hello, I come to inform you about some small advances that I made to the scenario and also about new things that will be sold in it. First and foremost, I have finished Arabia (Includes Persia), unfortunately I have forgotten to capture them. With this, I have created the following civilizations: Protectorate of Aden, Imanate of Oman, Truce States and the Protectorate of Kuwait. Also, I am working in China and (mainly) in India, or rather, the British Raj. In the latter I will try to add to the princely states, to make a much better experience Also, I have
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