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  1. SCENARIO SHOWCASE: THE NEW AGE The year is 1836, and the Industrial Era is rapidly gaining speed across the entire world. With new, huge armies, the continent of Dacanium moves out of the fragmented feudal phase, into large, industrialized, multicultural empires posing a threat to the old world. Their effects can be seen even in the distant Land of the Red Flowers, where the Eastern Ravenfield Trading Company has taken hold of many ports from which immense wealth flows into Ravenfield, and an expeditionary force has conquered some of the western Asaka clans from the weakened Kayosama Shog
  2. There are a few ways to increase population growth/growth rate in vanilla: terrain bonuses, farms (not available in deserts) and development increases. Newly colonized provinces also have a massive temporary growth rate bonus. I believe the maximum permanent growth rate possible in vanilla is 127% (100% base growth rate + 25% from level 5 farm + 2% bonus from plains). Terrain can easily be changed without the need for code changes, while increasing base growth rate and farm power require code changes. War of the Eight Continents currently has a max growth rate of 237% (200% base growth ra
  3. No plans for an Android version right now, but a mini version of WotEC (to allow lower-end mobile devices to run it) may come after the release of the beta, sometime in 2022.
  4. Making the AI better (so it lands enough units to win a naval landing, doesn't stand in the same province, makes alliances with more than 2 members) would require a significant overhaul of the AI's code, the actions being performed in the rather monstrous (475kB when decompiled with CFR) AI_Style.java, and some collections in AI.java. For individual personalities, there are several AI_Style_[ideology].java files, [ideology] being CityState, Communism, Democracy, Fascism, Horde, Rebels and Tribal, with additional actions for each ideology.
  5. SCENARIO SHOWCASE: BETWEEN EAST AND WEST Managed to get two scenarios showcased today. I'll make some changes and refinements, so no scenario is currently final, but they shouldn't look radically different when the second demo is publically released. Also, the number of new civilizations (including their distinct ideologies for technical reasons) now stands at 629, 478 of them added just for the second demo, with 30 formable civilizations, and still counting! Most of the new civilizations are included in the scenarios and therefore can be played or formed! Let's jump 2,215 years
  6. SCENARIO SHOWCASE: WINTER IS COMING Or at least, the Zuan Winter Period. In 375 BCE, several Zuan dynasties have made their claim to the Mandate of Heaven, Zuan states continue their endless fighting, the Hawer Venora (northeast) is being pressed between a growing Hitheyah Khanate and internal fighting, Asakahima is at war between the Yamato, which are at war with each other too, and the Ewisu, which are at war with each other too, and the Ashoka Kingdom is at its peak of power. Just six more scenarios to go.
  7. SCENARIO SHOWCASE: MYTHICAL DYNASTIES Here's the Mythical Dynasties scenario, from 2000 BCE (1974 BCE in-game). This will probably be the earliest in time scenario in the second WotEC demo, Dawn of Civilizations (4000 BCE) is planned for the alpha/beta version showcase, with the full map. At this point in time, the world is still in the Bronze Age, slowly advancing towards the Iron Age, with numerous small civilizations and tribes only mentioned in sources from 1,000 years later and often considered legendary by modern historians, therefore this scenario is called "Mythical Dyn
  8. SECOND DEMO PROGRESS PART 15: THE EASTERN REKOVIAD As promised, here's another scenario, this time from 1476, the same year the Rekoviad in the first demo happens. Next scenario will probably be 2000 BCE (Mythical Dynasties) and then 375 BCE (Winter is Coming).
  9. Both Bloody Europe II and The New Order mods have a number of scenarios with pre-set realistic populations. Not sure about any others, and vanilla AoH II scenarios are centered towards "balance" by making large countries almost completely desolate.
  10. SECOND DEMO PROGRESS PART 14: PICK YOUR POISON Welcome to the Land of the Red Flowers again, in the year... oh god... 1340 CE: We were in southern Dacanium when we last visited this exact year, and it was a few years before things went really bad. A lot of states and conflicts here, but in short we have a collapsing Jin Empire shortly after its disastrous campaign against the new Hawer Arelta 20 years earlier, three Turban factions (Grey, Red and Green Turbans) fighting either the Jin or themselves whenever convenient, the Orders of Ailaak, Dushun and Gyhosa who drive people
  11. Gonna need at least 121 new flags for the 1340 scenario alone. Fortunately, that many new flags won't be needed for other scenarios as some of the civilizations will be recycled.
  12. From tomorrow, I'll try to make and display at least 1 scenario per day to get the second WotEC demo ready on time...
  13. Bloody Europe II has a not-so-minor bug where diplomacy points increase by only 0.2/turn when the technology level is over 1.0: When you integrated Bloody Europe II's code into Age of Elder Scrolls, did you fix any of its bugs while doing so? EDIT: Looks like at least the game civilizations being inaccessible and slow diplo point growth bugs have been fixed. Looking good so far.
  14. That's basically just a time-based movement system in disguise, with roads reducing the distance factor.
  15. SECOND DEMO PROGRESS PART 13: DIVIDE AND... CONQUER? Unfortunately, the countries shown above are a bit too large for my taste. They need to be punished. By splitting them... into their subdivisions! In all seriousness, I made this to 1. create a more diverse set of scenarios, and 2. guide city placement. Next, these divisions will be colored under the same color as their parent country, and placed in an alliance with the country's other divisions.
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