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  1. It will have lots of scenarios, including the fallout one
  2. it isn't news but the mod isnt dead
  3. The map is finished, it have 2807 provinces! we'll fix some map's bugs before doing the conecctions
  4. pls make this possible when you're back
  5. I have an idea for scenario, called surprise exploration, you will play with an european country and you will colonize america but the civs to colonize and conquer are random. Thanks to @CassalettIV for the idea
  6. South atlantic is finished, now we have 2782 provinces!
  7. the planned date was the 31st but i had problems with my computer so I think it will release in february
  8. No, I created one editing the aoh bg of the map editor (and actually project alpha doesn't have bg, it's the map editor's bg)
  9. hi, there's a little error in 1444 it's that... Where's Herzegovina? https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/Herzegovina#South America
  10. and can you make this possible?
  11. this is interesting... if you want, we can help you
  12. https://discord.gg/bysqAmjtBQ
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