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  1. military bases that you can do in other country if you have good relations
  2. 2620 provinces finished!
  3. i think the map will be finished for chrismas and maybe the mod releases at chrismas too
  4. it's planned I should send a image today
  5. ¡IMPORTANT ANNOUNCIEMENT! this mod will be renamed to PROYECT COLON
  6. Hello! I need help for a background, anyone wants to help me?, Discord: orcacraft881#7928
  7. orcacraft888

    Ayuda D:

    chale, buena idea, si quieres apoyo avísame
  8. the caribbean and the gulf of mexico are finished
  9. Hello! do you remember that mod called "King of dinasties II" created by @krauser3ful ? Time to renew it! so... what will it add? -A new logo -New scenarios (this time from -400 to 1780) -New civs -New goverments -New formable civs -New font -New UI
  10. finally, america is finished!
  11. wow, you are really speed!
  12. Southern Canada is finished, now we have 2454 provinces!
  13. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Ix2oqt2pn2MG59dYYeQKg

    este es un canal de la comunidad hispana de aoc, no se si leeras este mensaje, pero no seria malo si entraras

  14. Tengo un plan, ye que esta vez el equipo sera mas grande, avanzaremos mas rapido, por lo que, tengo una idea: Proyecto Eurasia
  15. Lamentablemente, debido a la inactividad y al poco interés percibido, he decidido cancelar este proyecto
  16. A little clue of my next mod: KDIII

    1. guacamole IS  glue

      guacamole IS glue

      hmm i wonder the name?


  17. updated discord invitation: https://discord.gg/g97WHc
  18. idk, i will say you when i know it
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