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  1. ok, one moment, you know to make types of goverments? in there, you can help
  2. sorry, there are two persons helping, and i thinks that is enough
  3. @Łukasz Jakowski, please, make make an update. I would like to be able to change the leaders of the countries with help of events
  4. yes, it will be, i will make a lot of pre-colombine scenarios
  5. Usa mexico war is in, sorry for bad english, and for the others, thanks
  6. sorry for late answer the scenarios, for now will be: modern world kaiserReich victorian era 1440 discovery of America florida sale louisiana sale Argentine civil war Mexican Revolution Spanish boom napoleonic wars 1900's Spanish fall ww2 ww1 the alaska sale civil war 1800's 1700's 1600's Pacific War Latin American wars of independence bolivian wars paraguay war Peruvian war gran-colombo 7 years war American war of independence another world (alternate world) futherReich alternate future modern world kaiserReich it was victor
  7. you can't see it because of it's on a grey colour
  8. paraguay and luisiana are finished, now we have 981 provinces :D.
  9. now, peru and texas are finished, now we have 940 provinces
  10. Now i finished argentina, uruguay, ecuador and alaska, now we have 790 provinces
  11. and I'm making a giant map of all america, adding some islands of oceania and iceland
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