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  1. you can buy provinces it just needs to not be a core but yea it need a update
  2. this makes it regardless of who controls it for a certain nation to annex it
  3. buying provinces is possible there is a method to the madness there. I heard its related to cores
  4. you can resize flags or use the editor for flags for ideologies for custom flags
  5. there might be a way around it or the creator needs to update it but we know that is what most likely to happen if the creator is active
  6. you can use a editor for the flags if you cant find a resize website just copy the flag files thats what i do or just copy a flag but make sure you use both flags
  7. click add new civilization and select a nation that you choose then select what nation land it is then select the land if you want a nation to be there period make it wasteland then make it not wasteland and select what nation gets the land and select the land that was wasteland
  8. Money does not help them gain independence unless they are a puppet.
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