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  1. Hello! I need some help making a mod The only thing i need is to change the native GUI, but i dont know how to Any help would be appreciated, it would also allow me to make a mod creator for AOC/AOH2 Thanks in advance
  2. Yes i have discord: Dackau#7638
  3. I recomend you just download the 2.0 version
  4. It might be due to internet problems, or the program is not allowed to access the link, can you send me a screenshot of what key it gives you?
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BY_Q4fwphQsRi4X-yGNMyz48W0b38gwi/view?usp=sharing Here you go
  6. If the developers of the mod release a A P K file of the mod then most likely
  7. It will be pretty hard to play multiplayer because of the turn based system, the game might take a while, but i do think its posible, it might just end up looking like CIV games
  8. Download older versions here
  9. Hello everyone! I have reworked my old Mod Launcher, this one works way faster and better! There are also 0 text files needed or all of those batch files, its all coded in c#. Version 3.0 has been fully released, beta version of 3.5 will also be published Download Latest Version: https://aocmodlauncher.000webhostapp.com/ --Download from the AOC2 Mod Launcher Website! AOC2ModLauncher 3.0.zip Download Beta: AOC2 Mod Launcher 3.5 Beta.zip It only works for windows, but it might be possible to use on Linux using wine
  10. I might, i have lost the project files sadly enough, i will most likely make a whole new aplication, if i ever get to that though i will most likely, i have learned a lot sinse i last worked on this project
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