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  1. I made a mod for the game that adds Constitutional Monorchy, but its only a copy of democracy. So im asking ideas for the stats of the goverment type. Some thing that i have clear is the AI type, that will be "DEMOCRACY"
  2. Do the game still in development?
  3. I saw that this game has religions, but i don´t know how does it work.
  4. I can't make leaders for these civilizations, They don´t apear to choose the civilization in the leader editor.
  5. I made an alternative version of Spain, based on the first republic of Spain and the old monarchy flag. Republic of Spain: Monarchy: Fascist and Horde: Comunist: This one is from the old comunist party of spain. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2jmptjc1sdgvs71/Old_Spain.zip/file
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