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  1. would there be an option to add a new province with the city of Chernobyl?
  2. I could help with this mod?
  3. Scenario for the Napoleonic Wars! scenario designed ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY on ADDON + 1600770292143dwbflkqp.rar
  4. could we also give a version on Addon + ???
  5. There is no Congress Kingdom of Poland that was a vassal of the Russian Empire.
  6. 1700 scenario !!! scenario requires Addon + and is under development. I have problems with the Holy German Empire, so I listed the country. if you find any mistake, please write Zdięcia aktualnego stanu
  7. PL Ale chodzi ze województwa? czy w zwyczajnym swiecie potrzebuje więcej informacji


    EN: But is it from the province? whether in the ordinary world it needs more information

  8. (English) make a scenario of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

    (Polski) Zrób scenariusz Rzeczypospolitej Obojga narodów

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