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  1. 1000 events per one scenario, nice
  2. Can you add a fictional scenario if the battle of Britain failed and german began to invade the UK
  3. Mo33n

    The best mod

    Addon and bloody Europe 2 are really good mod
  4. I'm able to change music in android I dont have a pc so I cant change it to that
  5. This is literally a copy of the 11:59 mod but set in the modern day
  6. I written the comment when I found out it was in another development team
  7. Mo33n

    CrimeMod V1.0

    Nice mod, will you also make a version for android
  8. (Please do crazy ideas) This will have events and I might add custom government types and leader images that you can add in the replies
  9. Are you sure its gonna be released in that date or your just gonna delay it again
  10. You could add a mod that focuses on quality then quantity and it could have lots of events
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