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  1. Oh also, is it possible for a nation to have more than one Leader? Im trying to make an alternate history timeline with 4 scenarios (1920, 1925, 1930, 1940), and I need to make it so like the leaders from certain countries change throughout the years.
  2. Juan Manuel de Rosas birthdate: march 30, 19793 Leader of the Argentine Confederation, and basically thanks to him argentina is now a unified country you should add bonuses related to militarism and economy
  3. Also, i don't get how to use Continue with the path of existing province with the Y key
  4. So i've watched the video that Łukasz posted, but i still don't quite get how this stuff works. I tried to make a new province in Argentina, but it just cuts the older one instead of making a new one over it. Anybody knows how to fix this?
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