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  1. Mod está cancelado por ahora. Buscamos un nuevo desarrollador
  2. I would like such a big background for a map of europe map style from addon +
  3. Do you have any background for the map of Europe?
  4. Looks good!It is a pity that it is so little popular.
  5. The server shuts down until we find a new developer
  6. Looking for a new developer due to lack of inspiration and school. If anyone is interested, please write to Robert McŁowicz#2916 on the discord. The reason is also the terribly low activity of the Discord server and the lack of willingness.
  7. Can u fix polish borders before WW2?
  8. Something is wrong. Because today I changed. I give you already. https://discord.gg/KQhNQurG
  9. 1.April/May or later 2.We will not do beta. I think it's better to finish it right away.
  10. https://discord.gg/TZhtCUh5 This is impossible without server boosts.
  11. Propably May or April. Sure:https://discord.gg/TZhtCUh5
  12. To jest w fazie tworzenia. Pojawi się w tym roku jeszcze. Póki co jest dostępne tylko dla 2 osób.
  13. Question: Answer: It predicts there will be an Android version, but it will most likely have high hardware requirements. As for computers and laptops, they will be much lower Other: We need your help. Send some Reichkommissariats flag.
  14. PATCH 21 Patch includes: -New map background -New leaders -New civilizations -New UI -New portraits and more! have a nice day btw
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