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  1. Hey, i think you should change the cold war scenario, add nato and the eastern block as vassals with good relation so they dont fight and remove ussr from austria and unite germany And also you could make alternative end of ww2 with standard economy etc so we can play also normally And you could nerf some countries like ottoman (by just making their tech lower)
  2. Well it never happened to me even when i was making few events at one turn and there was chaos between those two countries so i dont know what is the cause of the problem
  3. btw, are you removing the attack bonus that was from just having more tech lvl or is it still in so both have impact on our attacks?
  4. wow, hope bots will stick with something like colonization cost more often than millitary hah
  5. Also you could give all vassal points to the owner when the war is over (only if owner is player) so we can choose what they gain etc. (also would be good if allies would give us their points cause they make borders so weird etc.) And building on your vassal provinces too cause my troops are stuck on some weird island very often lol
  6. Oh! And i just got an idea to make one "bug" from hoi4 to this game, that when you declare war on a country you have troops in they just capture those provinces Cause now they just teleport to our border which isss yeaa
  7. You could make plague last longer but way less deadly so its realistic, and also Yugoslavia scenario has a lot of plagues i think
  8. Oh well, that might be caused by unemployment, as i said some weeks ago you could try to change that so the game is more realistic and also that might fix this population-economy problem
  9. Btw you could make only real population scenarios insteaad of those with real population and economy cause its hard to play against 16 000 000 economy country which kinda sucks, population only would not be bad i think
  10. Welp that sure is epilepsy friendly lol by the way can you tell us what are you working on currently? I wrote here a lot of things that could be added so i wonder if you consider any of these and what things you are trying to add EDIT: I mean the things you are doing right now and the things you consider to add in the future
  11. could you show them in game? in diplomatic map mode?
  12. third option, then first (not map option) and there you choose
  13. it changes relations and costs of different things lol, what else could it change
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