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  1. And you are right, you think you could make two versions? for players that want easy win and for people that want it more realistic? Thats would satisife everyone i guess
  2. To be honest the change with rebelions is for me the biggest pain cause i loved that you had to take land like you would have to irl and make sure there is your police/millitary etc
  3. lol no, the one that take province that is enough to capitulate, make country capitulate
  4. Bro but when russia is at war with several countries even luxembourg can capitulate russia by taking one province annexing whole countries would make them too op so thats stupid
  5. Just dont take the province that will make you look bad lol, luxembourg would annex russia just cuz they got one province that was needed to make them capitulate, that would suck tbh
  6. modding is hard, only one person on this forum capable of making it, the guy that is working on Bloody europe
  7. Oh well, im checking activity so i didnt notice, well if its suggestion we all know it wont happen
  8. Description of his video: Project: Alpha v0.1.5 (PC): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ms2I... Project: Alpha v0.1.5 (Android): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dwI1...
  9. You will try to add that or its just a suggestion?
  10. you could make the war fatigue have more impact on game and fix the unemployment so its not mostly 66%, you could make it like 1 economy - 5 people is 0% unemployment so it can be real and not alays 66% or smeething
  11. add option to play as any nation you want after spectateing game, would be cool
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