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  1. Map of Africa, I me ask if I am useful to continue the mod ( if there is another mod like that , I will abandon this mod)
  2. I will maybe deleted the Pangea scenario for a moment. When I try to put the default scenario in config file, it don't run and I must put mandatory the testscenario from template for running, else it crashe. however, except Pangea, other scenarios run ?
  3. also, where is the crahse for the map ?
  4. It's a very alpha version, really sorry. Like I am busy with other personnal work, I can't do all and I need help to find the specific software who create map via a picture
  5. mod link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tCFoXDj1JU5GPGFKl-PatBeIUdTGnpp1 dependencies: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Iv2DsLCYS2-ewPP6hcgws-OEi9memHT3
  6. Well, it run. However, I can't load scenario in the game :/
  7. A real interesting mod You can add new civs based on few geological terrains ( valles marineris, Olymp, Pole republic )
  8. Yes And seriously, when I load the map it crashes file for map : Persepolis_world.rar I have even this:
  9. Yes, always when I change the map, I have even seen that notepad don't hide bugs when I add the earthmap copy with new provinces Pangea map don't load
  10. You can see in the mod, there is persepolis world folder
  11. I need help because idk really how to create map
  12. who can put my thread in mod ? because I don't think it's the good place
  13. I have create a russian civil war but anyway, it's ok you can also see my cold war mod, events are bad but very numbered
  14. I have not done this map I would like to over the mod map but idk how I can create a new map without error. I have added a new map with indications but I get alway crashes.
  15. Have you a resumed scenario ? for the suggestions: - independant Kurdistan - Tibet independant - Brittany - Basqueland
  16. I guess that you will add new provinces after the release
  17. Its a mod which understand most of my mods. and yes, it's a little confuse
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