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  1. this would be good I am also creating a mod with many scenarios and also creating a Pangea map but the new map under construction
  2. I am interested by this group. But I see also that your group is russian as I can see
  3. It's there that I will add all the complete history from my scenarios. from the map I am creating, I will also add my old realistic or alternate mods, with new music from games or songs. List: - WW3 ( 2159 ) - Civil war era ( 2621 ) - Cold war 1949 - Failurereich - Fatherland era - Russian civil war link of the mod : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Mrv1tKwYKKUzwpss3c9kUQF2a5ZVJQtF
  4. Yugoslavia need to be a little reviewed but you can keep it anyway, better scenario. you need also a scenario resume story
  5. for every posts: 0 - 20 : civil 20 - 50 : warrior 50 - 100 : lieutenant 100 - 500 : general 500 - 1000 : deputy 1000 - 3000 : minister 3000 - : vice presidents and points: 0 - 5 : civil 5 - 20 : warrior 20 - 40 : lieutenant 40 - 80 : general 80 - 160 : deputy assembly 160 - 320 : deputy minister 320 - : minister moderators and admins will be chosen by Lukas. With more than 320 points and 5000 post, you can be a contributor. Admin : general secretary/President/brotherhood Moderator: Ministers
  6. Yes, but this isn't the best mod I have done and I need few portrait for leaders my map will be also changed
  7. resume of this part from Persepolis: 2620 9 november: Great Rumas imperio has been beaten. Eurasia and Dennia are great winners of this great war who have devastated nearly all Europe. Despite the economy, most of countries rebels against fascists and communists for someone. With a second time, an iron curtain, this is is most disapproved from other nations. In Asia, China is ruined and near to a civil war. With the new ethnic problems in Asia and Africa, there is no more nations with a stable economy and centrist alliance ask to Petrograd alliance to limits funding of political
  8. when you will begin scandinavia ?
  9. updated 1.1: -added Bohemia, Polen and Serbia as puppet states -fixed Triest
  10. nope But I need to see if the mod run and where I can change something ( like Serbia, Polen or small occupied regions )
  11. It's for exiled governments Belgium lead this region. But if you have proposition, tell me
  12. This mod isn't based on fatherland serie, just imagined from me: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4jv6u6sk3gx0ab8/fatherland.rar?dl=0 will be updated pictures : resume : WW2 is over and Germany won WW2. Allies flee in Africa, with divided regions from Axis Powers. North Africa is under Italy, Vichy and Spain while Europe is under Germany, Bulgaria, Finland, Romania and Hungary. Few puppets states has been created. Norse and UK governments has been overthrowns. In Asia, Japan lost most of occupied regions because of USA and China but survive thank to German supp
  13. can you try with Chinese and Russian civil wars ?
  14. Hello

    I have a question, do you do mapping ?

  15. yes I have also a private group for modding
  16. Hello all I me ask if someone would like that I create a fictive map inspired from earth but with few different details. As you can see I began to do provinces but I will like to get experts for my modding. It's a mod collab, just for a new map. propositions: - new pangea : - earth map with separated shield ( keep the shields/craton and change randomly their positions ) - a little different earth map map test : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tCFoXDj1JU5GPGFKl-PatBeIUdTGnpp1 cordialy
  17. Not bad idea, but conserve the other scenario
  18. Sino soviet conflict, including Pakistan, India and USA maybe Eurasia
  19. Now, I need to know how to import map as mod
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