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  1. Finally ... don't use blocnote Notepad is better
  2. hello

    say me, how you have find how add a province ?

  3. if you need help for downloading, tell me I me ask if dropbox is the best place
  4. Dulmassia


    This will be good for all people they will share their work
  5. Yes, I am trying to find solutions
  6. For Pakistan, you can add Yayha Khan and actual president also the first is interesting because of bengal genocide
  7. it's one of the best work map that I have seen
  8. Hello I have passed hours of work to understand why when I add a province in update folder after using map editor. I am largely done and I don't want to continue. the game don't run and crashe at beginning when I edit this and adding 4270 instead of 4269 ... { Map: [ { MapName: "Earth", Author: "Łukasz Jakowski", BackgroundName: "AoC2", ContinentsPackage: "Earth6", RegionsPackage: "Earth_AoC2", NumberOfProvinces: 4270, MapScale: 5, WorldMap: true,
  9. Je vois, tu n'arrivais pas à avoir le lien ?
  10. again a fictive scenario on Second cold war but with same countries: link mod : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yx3FpgAGMIC6KXaYkOt4bbUWaAzDtnls link civs : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Iv2DsLCYS2-ewPP6hcgws-OEi9memHT3 pictures (with new map): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LWUJPC0nUt1isuB95QyIVu0RTP_IaF4F I will add events and portraits later, maybe new countries will be added and some provinces PM if you want to join my mod project
  11. I would like that you sent me a clear explication via PM because I have seen the tutorial and I don't understand all
  12. how I can update the game even if it's updated and that there is always crashe with putting 4270 instead of 4269 ?
  13. I need a little help because I have same problem with config file for the 4270 provinces
  14. It's really a good new like that, I will create fictive maps
  15. Yes, it look strange, it come like this many time but idk why I have added trigger for that and nothing chang
  16. update 1.1 added main leaders, there is 7 leaders and the map has been updated also:
  17. this is quite good if you want, I can help you for events.
  18. It's was before the actual update, this was a test
  19. It's a good mod, but when I have downloaded it, I haven't seen the new countries and there was only ids. flags of new countries was absent too.
  20. do you will like to get help for your mod


    it's interesting 

  21. it's really an awesome scenario where are the countries ?
  22. This is my version of WW1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fcycehc0t9w8v5f/ww1.rar?dl=0 Here you can have China, Sweden or Spain with Germany pictures:
  23. It's a sweet mod, I like the alliances But have you accurate scenario story , events ?
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