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  1. Constantinople "Where a New Age begins!" Map: Status: Provinces Completed (%100) Connections Completed (%100) Map Corrections are being made (%67) Growth Rates progress (%66) Scenarios in progress (%16) Events will be held (%9) Planned Features: Nearly 350 provinces. Scenario for the conquest of Constantinople. Near-real growth rates. Mostly Medieval Scenarios and Medieval map. Planned Date: April 6, 2021 AoC2ModdingTR
  2. 383 provinces ok Palestine, Eastern Libya, Nile River Bank and Sudan were completed.
  3. Good news, I started provinces today. There are 95 provinces now
  4. I updated the forum. I am open to your suggestions. About the Forum The number of provinces planned may vary.
  5. Teşekkürler. Normal harita daha güzel bu resimin çözünürlüğü kötü aslı daha iyi yani
  6. No problem, if there is an update, I will update it. kerem is a good mod maker
  7. Total War: Attila [Progress] Detail: Real Total War: Attila map High quality map Marine and Land graphics quality Attila and more leaders City and State system Historical scenarios reflecting the Realistic Economic and Population Note: Conqueror's II v1.2 required. Discord: Discord Progress: Map - %99 Map settings - %0 Province Lines - %31 Provinces - %3 [Planned: 5500+ Completed: 231] Scenarios - %0 [Planned: 2+] Leaders - %0 Map: [Updated: 15:31 26.01.2021 (GMT+3)]
  8. Right click does not work and there are problems with registration problems. An update is required for these problems with extreme bugs.
  9. Sovyetlerin yıkılışı ile kurtuluşunu zorlaştırmayı amaçladım sizce de öyle olması gerekmez mi?
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