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  1. No one is holding you, I can't find time because I'm dealing with 2 projects right now.
  2. Unfortunately, the previous project could not be completed. this is because of state errors and disorder caused by too many states, among the reasons why I can't find the time, I'm sorry but don't worry because I'm redesigning the tw:attila map and designing a new state map I hope the project I'm working on now is completed. stay tuned for the project 🙂
  3. Constantinople "Where a New Age begins!" Map: Status: Provinces Completed (%100) Connections Completed (%100) Map Corrections are being made (%94) Growth Rates progress (%85) Scenarios in progress (%51) Events will be held (%22) Planned Features: Nearly 350 provinces. Scenario for the conquest of Constantinople. Near-real growth rates. Mostly Medieval Scenarios and Medieval map. Planned Date: 2021 AoC2ModdingTR
  4. I updated the forum. I am open to your suggestions. About the Forum The number of provinces planned may vary.
  5. Teşekkürler. Normal harita daha güzel bu resimin çözünürlüğü kötü aslı daha iyi yani
  6. Total War: Attila [Conqueror's II v1.5+] [Progress] [Cooming Soon..] [3000+Prov] Detail: Real Total War: Attila map High quality map Marine and Land graphics quality Attila and more leaders City and State system Historical scenarios reflecting the Realistic Economic and Population Note: Conqueror's II v1.5 and up required. Discord: Discord Progress: Map - %71 Map settings - %0 Province Lines - %0 Provinces - %0 [Planned: 3000+] Scenarios - %0 [Planned: X] Leaders - %0 Map: [22:00 03.06.2021]
  7. Right click does not work and there are problems with registration problems. An update is required for these problems with extreme bugs.
  8. Sovyetlerin yıkılışı ile kurtuluşunu zorlaştırmayı amaçladım sizce de öyle olması gerekmez mi?
  9. This Scenario Archived. About is: Conqueror's II updated new version -> v1.2 and new scenario 750 added in Conqueror's II v1.2
  10. Eline sağlık güzel olmuş ama bazı senaryolar tarihlerindeki sınırlara sahip değil, 1080 gibi bazı senaryolarda eyalerler ve milletler eksik.
  11. Oww Good Job its +16.000 Provinces Good mod in Age of History 2? or AoC2.
  12. Content: The Real 751 Map Oghuz Dormitories Realistic Technology Realistic Diplomatic Relations Realistic Population Rates Realistic Happiness Rates Great civilizations such as Abbasids, Tang Dynasty, Byzantium, Frankish Kingdoms ... Detailed settings for major countries like Abbasids, Tang Dynasty, Byzantine, Frankish Kingdoms Separate vassal and troops for Britain and Franks Vassals and more .. 68 Civilization Map Date: 16 May 751 Technologies; Abbasids ~0.23, Tang Dynasty ~0.29 Starting Army in the Capital ~
  13. Ben Türkiye olarak oynadım inan bana, Sovyetler vs Nato 3 kez savaştık 2011de Sovyetler Yıkıldı. bi düzenleme yapabilirim event hiç yok bunun için bi yenilik yapabilirim
  14. Content: The Real 1980 Map NATO and the Soviet Union Realistic Technology Realistic Diplomatic Relations Realistic Population Rates Realistic Happiness Rates USA, SSCB Detailed settings for major countries like America, Soviet Union, and China Affiliated with the Soviet Union; Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Lithuania and Latvia. and Yugoslavia under Communism Countries in NATO; US, France, Britain, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Iceland, Norway and West Germany (Germany) 172 C
  15. I do a lot of experimentation as there are significant file size errors. I am changing and editing files, errors occur, file loss occurs while solving, different photos and content can be added to the subject and the accuracy may be lost because the published photos change.
  16. Evet daha fazla parca ve daha fazla büyüme oranı geçerli olacaktır.
  17. As long as there is no problem now, 40 provinces are ok. zharki circle ok PHOTOS:
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