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  1. Really anything. But yea fascism is the best ideology in the game.
  2. Always loved that time period and scenario. Can't wait! 👍
  3. Does that only work when you start it with the .jar file rather than the .exe? I've been playing that for a while now and havn't gotten that.
  4. It usually takes me a whole day to take over europe lol good job
  5. I learning Spanish and i'm trying to switch everything digital to Spanish but can't find like a switch language button in settings.
  6. I'm very late sorry :p, but no it's totally fine thanks :).
  7. Is there linux support? Sounds great either way though
  8. When I follow the steps, the custom map shows up but its like its bigger then it should be or something. I can show a pic if you want. I'm not blaming you btw, i'm just asking if you know whats wrong with it :p.
  9. So basically, im trying to install a mod called Project Alpha and when I copied all the files and all that, I started the game but it just updates the game and reverts it back to completely unmodded aoc 2. Like I watched the UI files change back to the normal ones instead of the ones I put in there. Is this like a common problem? If so, is there a fix? I'll post some more info if needed.
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