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  1. Another day, another update to Russia This time I added Tatarstan and Vologda and also moved Komi a bit west so the capital would be Syktyvkar just like in the real world, I also gave a bit of land to Sverdlovsk because the map was looking a bit ugly and I had to give it to someone.
  2. Welp I do see the similarities... but no there's none of the FNF characters as they bring me some really bad memories about people that have hurt me a lot
  3. Hey do you think you could update the Sudetenland borders? The Vanilla ones look a bit derp
  4. Hope android version Shop Soy: Der Kalter Krieg's mod

    1. Shop_Soy


      Sorry but that won't be possible 😞

  5. Welcome to Shop Soy: Der Kalter Krieg's official page. SS:DKK is yet another WW2 Axis Victory scenario but with a twist: It's my story, with my characters and my lore. This scenario is heavily inspired in The New Order and Thousand Week Reich mods for HoI4 and was made only for fun, I don't condone noir support any extreme ideologies presented in this mod (With the exception of one: Nationalism). Content: -Slightly improved UI -A few new ideologies -Tons of new leaders and civilizations -Lots of events -And more (that I'm too lazy to remember) Hail Shop Soy!
  6. Hey I hope It's not pilling into your work but id like to know if you will update the Sudetenland? Also, take your time or a break if you need to, you're doing an amazing job and I think you deserve some rest too 🙂
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