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  1. Hey, im sorry for not being so active latelly but my pc is kinda broken and im having serious psicholgical problems right now so please understand. I'll still try to develop more of this mod even if my mental health is not the best. thank you and have a nice day
  2. I got started in the Eastern collapse after Shop Soy dies. (Something typical of TWR and TNO) I got the Caucasian Crisis so far, still have to do: Ostland, Moskowien and Ukraine (Just realized I made a stupid grammar mistake, my apologizes)
  3. I made 3 new civilizations for the Russian Civil War. I won't have much time to work on the mod right now since I'm at school but I'll try my best to keep it updated 🙂
  4. So I wanted to make an Yugoslav war for reunification but when I was done with the civilizations I realized that now it's going to be much harder to do the events now that there are many autonomous countries instead of just Serbia (I'm still new to the event's mechanics)
  5. Alright I already have a page about it, it's "Shop Soy: Der Kalte Krieg". You can go check it if you want to 🙂
  6. Shop Soy: Der Kalte Krieg is an alternate-history scenario that I came up with. Althought some of the characters don't belong to me (I used characters from Nintendo don't judge me) the lore for this mod is 100% mine. The map is also inspired in the Thousand Week Reich and The New Order mods. This mod isn't supposed to be taken seriously since it's mostly made for fun and in the end I don't even own many of the characters, I might add an download link for anyone who wants to play it but I don't want to go any further from that (Legal reasons, I don't want Nintendo to sue me or something)
  7. The background looks good thank you! Maibe I can make it a bit darker so it fits better my scenario. I'm thinking about making an topic for it but I would like to work a bit more on it, I only have around 50 custom civs done and I'm hoping to have 100/200. I'll try to tell you when I have something. Have a nice day 🙂
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