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  1. https://sun9-25.userapi.com/impg/Fgq-Ob8dXaXjntJgKSkrr8RKPRJpgdAgZWoWpg/Dt1n3ILKblA.jpg?size=1280x800&quality=96&sign=a6f85ff4176b811f17a71796d6083df7&type=album https://sun9-20.userapi.com/impg/w7x_0pfo7SLnyiUYqmDnpmYl9U7v0-9XvQZguw/BliEuHyuhCs.jpg?size=1280x800&quality=96&sign=fab9f70fe14c27a47b6f338fb2dfa9de&type=album new scenario is done
  2. некст сценарио ит ис 1337
  3. this is all the handiwork of my haters!!! !
  4. The mod is not dead, but I admit that this job is too much for me alone to meet a certain deadline. Sooner or later it will release, but I cannot predict my mood and desire to do it.
  5. When are you planning to release the addon mode? First you said March, it was not published, then you said summer, we entered the summer, it is not published, what happens, will you release the beta or the full version as soon as possible?

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    2. ivr17


      I'm resting for now

    3. Deniz Sahin Akkaya

      Deniz Sahin Akkaya

      I understand, thanks, is there a place where I can reach you other than vk?

    4. Deniz Sahin Akkaya

      Deniz Sahin Akkaya

      I know you're in Russia, but I have a suggestion, could you open a discord server to announce the mod to people living outside of Russia?

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