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  1. No, I mean how you create relief background map?
  2. did you find this map in this size in Google or did you process it to this size?
  3. I'm wondering what is the size of the map background
  4. Firstly, it s not legal to use code game.secondly, how did they find this code did they hack the game&
  5. That is, you want to say that I should use the game code (I know that this is a private resource)in order to do that?
  6. Thank you it very good idea, but I don’t know where is army settings file.
  7. а за такое тебе бан можно дать кстати
  8. I support you so I don't see anything new in this mod, as well as plagiarism starting with the map
  9. I think everyone is faced with the fact that if you miss 40 recruits and they will travel all over your country I understand how to solve this problem, but I do not know where the files with the settings of the armies are located if you know where please help
  10. I think it s very difficult,but I will try it if I'm not the only one working on the mod
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