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  1. Mapuche-Inca Empire Land and flag: Formed by: Inca Empire Cusco Tribe Mapuche Tribe Argentina Peru Chile Bolivia Equator Colombia
  2. link to winnie's discord: https://discord.gg/chgdByyP and a comment to bump my own post XD
  4. me desculpe por me sentir culpado

  5. raided.

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    2. Xjento


      one of them loved me more than you

    3. Dolphin General
    4. Xjento


      u dont have dreams only nightmares that im someone on your discord

  6. I guess you have made your best decision

    1. NeskauGamer123
    2. NeskauGamer123


      I got so better now that I can even writte like a normal person 

    3. Xjento
  7. I can actually do it, but I will not cuz I want this to be a mod with a map very close to CK2, even on provinces number (and I'm too lazy LOL).
  8. Look, it's 1200 Mod in other topic! To the ones who don't know 1200 Mod, it's a modification about the 1200 scenario (not anymore only about this one LOL) which have a new UI and a scenario filled with events This time, I'm a bit inspired in CK2 and CK3, then I will make it all in a CK2 map which still being polished and gaining connections between provinces.
  9. I'm officially out of that shit

    1. Poland_in_1939


      Why did u even try to talk to them

  10. this part of the text looks like an generic early 2000s brazilian commercial LOL. The background looks good btw (I will not use it only cuz I've made a close one which I prefer to be on my AoH2)
  11. I guess he meant "I'm too lazy to make a war, please peace dolphin, mine diamonds winnie will go to hell I'm your mama"
  12. okay I gave up of making a discord specifically for that, so I transferred to the discord owned by @WINNIE THE PARAMOUN LEADER, where I'm admin and can make those things (and yes, it's to make propaganda too).
  13. it's better not reveal already, let it expand more to get a plot twist

  14. Just my opinion about what you can fix in the next update: okay, I downloaded it and found some stuff that I didn't liked (pls don't feel offended, I know you worked in the mod and spent time on it, but I guess it's better you fix that to give to the users a really good mod) : In the white part of the UI it's not possible to read the text inside Some inaccurate borders in the 1815 scenario The scenarios aren't that funny to play I cannot form German Empire as Prussia Some icons that personally I don't care about but I found a bit weird (specially the army ico
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