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  1. Federation Militarism Technocracy Direct Democracy Limited Monarchy Socialism Nationalism Dictatorship of AI Corporative Republic Polystate
  2. 11:59 mod for example
  3. Oh, I found out that my mod will be added to the 11:59 launcher, cool. This means that I will probably continue to complement my mod.
  4. I am a Slav, but not a Serb (I am Russian). You can try to create your own translation, which can get into the game!
  5. Germany constantly loses. I don't know why, but she always loses.
  6. Why? This program simply allows you to work on flags faster. Program's name: flagmaker.jr
  7. UPDATE Я написал новую главу! I wrote a new chapter!
  8. Я не понимаю, как ты так играешь, что у тебя деньги в минус ушли...
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