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    plz help me. im very tired and May i delay the release of new updates?

  2. These small balancing will inprove the quality of games


    i found a interesting hoi4 mod. check this! or how about create map for aoh2?

  4. Listen, whatever you say, you just make nothing but pursuit of resposibility. and don't get him in the way to do other things.
  5. Failed Restruction

    He is what is called reformist of community.

    He worked a lot. but he have too low influence to change community

    He was just a dreamer. He had failed in both community.

    What does it means to be a member of community?

    Community can't be died cause even in this condition, some people like it.

    even if he left the community, there are the guy who continue mod aoh2. then why should he left community?

    his answer is "lol no. i still a member of aoh2 community until i got bored playing aoh2"

    | History repeat itself |
     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

    何?こんなこと書いてる暇あったらとっととHearts of AoH2 Reのアップデートを完成させろだって?

    アップデートはWhen its Ready : -P

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    2. Deniz Sahin Akkaya

      Deniz Sahin Akkaya

      The only thing I learned from this poem is that google translate translates very badly.

    3. Balls


      Is this a poem or something??

    4. Lipark Japanese modder

      Lipark Japanese modder

      hoi4 TNO style poem event

  6. but one problem is left. RTS system need a high peformance and mobile can't be stand up for it. but i came up with a combined idea. how about assign the movement points in eaxh territen provinces? like army need 1 turns to move on plains but need 3 turns on the forest ( and this can be decreased by invast ) in case moving army, you can make AI to prefer plains to forest or desert demelit is you need modify in calculating AI's movement per turns
  7. This is Old topic of AoH2 so plz check new one from AoH2 developper .... What? you wanna know how can i make this? do you know what language this site use? Good bye! I think this features can use for download botton
  8. もっとグッチャグチャにできるよ
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