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  1. Plz add some small campaign scenario like Norman Conquest
  2. Hey i suggest you with coding. an puppet system i added these conditions and added code you can edit this on Civilization.smali/java if as the relation between load and puppet increase, the liberty desire increase per 2 if as the relation between load and puppet decrease, the liberty desire decrease per 1 if puppet state has a bit more power than load (like france and gascony, aquitania) ,the liberty desire increase per 1 much more power than load (like roman empire and 1 province tribe) ,the liberty desire increase per 10 this
  3. and make it possible to form civilization even the part of land is dominated by puppet
  4. ok and reduce the declear independent of puppet states in mevieval scenario plz? you can edit it on civilization.java/smali
  5. Dont be so negative plz. i dont wanna see someone who fell into trouble. i dont force you to continue. i want you to be positive
  6. Introducing real population is a cool idea but it may break the game
  7. You should have said that sooner. I feel something like that too.i have worked for making graphics, bg, scenarios, coding. im glad a lot of people enjoy it but i dont feel something enough. I take a touch on another famous game with various genru. and i get a lot of ideas. You should leave this game for a while and touch on another to give rest to your brain game. you will gain new encounter and a lot of ideas.
  8. Hey @Chairman Baad you are retired of "retired modder". Im looking forward to your next update :- )
  9. or once exit the game, click editor and back to home, reclick play new game and select countly
  10. anyway without the code i know the way to change leaders. 1. make same civs 2. set up different leaders on it 3. let player release vassel
  11. and hey @Aryan why dont you change diplomacy color? and do you change your background more like real tno?
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