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  1. is there a place for me to report bugs since i get alot of bugs that hinder my ability to play the game?
  2. so every time i open the mobile app and load up a game i get kicked to the main menu then i have to reload it again but after that the diplomacy menu wont appaer so i cant play the game. How do i fix it?
  3. it should be one of the top options to chose from (i use the google play version on a chromebook) but depeding on the version it may not be there. Do you have a demo version that might have a role in it too.
  4. I have tried to look that up but cant find anything on reducing unrest itself (only to raise province stability and happiness which play a role in Unrest) Best for you to just let them rebel and retake the province. ... Ok i did some testing and i looks like unrest can get rest if they rebel and bacome a nation but then you retake that same nation over again and the unrest resets but you will have to re assimalte them again and try to avoid other provinces form getting a high unrest try to have low taxes and festivals in areas of low happiness and assmialte provinces with high non native popu
  5. try to place lots of festivals in the provinces that have low happiness so they can become happy the happier they are the less they will rebel. Also you can just go to the menu in game and check out the unrest map to see what provinces are most likely going to rebel next so place troops around and on those provinces to you can take them out the moment they rebel. Also if you have provinces that have a majority population not native to your nation try and use the assimilate function to assimilate them into your culture and people since the more foreign pop is in a province the more likely they
  6. this is new? how and why? i tookover a nation and made it into my colony and this hapened? i am on the mobile version but running it on a chromebook
  7. i have fog of war off and my game was fairly normal untill i hit the 240 turn mark then all of a sudden i can still see nations from far distances but i can view their diplomacy with other nations nor can i see the political stability so i can see anything other than nations borders if they are far away. also for some reason after running some games for only a few hindered turns everything starts to lag badly. This has only every happend when i hit the 800-1000 turn range it only started after a update either a few weeks or 2-4 months ago. (i dont remember when that update happend). and when i
  8. I was just playing a game in the WW2 map and wanted to release the Riograndense Republic. So i went to to the release nation menu and tried to find it (do note that this is the google play version running on a chrome book) couldn't find it so i saved the game and went to the Victorian map to see if i misread the name and i did not. I could find the Brazil state of Rio Grande do sol. I can and did just recreated the nation but it is still weird that it is in the Victoria map but know where to be found.
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