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  1. Sorry for the delay, here's a preview of the Shattered World scenario, still in development.
  2. Minor setbacks have happened due to personal stuff and problems within the mod. Although I am very confident that this mod will be available this month.
  3. Some new ideologies, and a mini-preview on the updated UI (obviously unfinished)
  4. There is no hope under the Black Sun.
  5. Suggestions are always welcome, thank you for your input!
  6. For the moment I'll be working alone, but I'll be more than happy to enlist help some time later. As I said, many of the assets are placeholders to give an idea of what the UI should look like in the finished product, by the time the mod is done, all assets will be new and completely different from 11:59.
  7. What is Dawn of Tomorrow? Dawn of Tomorrow is an AoH II mod focusing the game in a more contemporary, modern setting, Although realism and complexity are not priorities, DoT still tries to deliver a fun and fresh experience. What are the features? The features that are included in Dawn of Tomorrow are the following: Icons, UI and many graphical aspects updated to be more modern; Lots of new sounds replacing the old ones A new soundtrack (a.k.a Hearts of Iron IV soundtrack) New scenarios all set in the modern era A couple of new ideologies
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