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  1. I had a problem while I was extracting .rar in android, the system says : "Couldn't extract" Could you make a tutorial how to extract ?
  2. More governemnts for 1440: Duchy- It´s costly to make army, and the taxation is regular. medium cost of research. Kingdom- It´s a regular cost to make army, and a normal taxation. medium/high cost of research and pop. growth is +15%. County- it´s very costly to make army, but the taxation is high. cheap cost of research. 2.0 points of recruitment, and 1.6 of move. Empire- It´s very cheap to make army, but the taxation is low. High cost of research . 1.2 points of recruitment and 0.6 move. Pop. growth is +25% to make a realistic history in these governments, fo
  3. its a kind historical, so there is no problem on that
  4. where do i put the civilizations_editor? the name of colonial countries arent appearing edit: i have already solved this problem, you need to put civilizaitons_editor paste in games
  5. The game should have some powerful countries in colonizing, like portugal and spain.
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