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  1. On 1/31/2021 at 3:44 AM, billy said:

    I hate the mod when I download it it's just the original version of the age of civilizations 2 just with the world map and the original countries there's no fictional Star Wars country or the map I hate your mod and I don't have a PC idiot 🖕

    you not having a pc sounds like a YOU problem

  2. When the scenarios just are the name and nothing else are they ready or being planned



    Also will there be better leaders, like The Current President of Brazil and others that we don't have at the original game


  3. 42 minutes ago, That_mAntis said:

    This mod probably is for people who are already fast with with managing provinces and playing the base map, It's basically flaw with the game itself, There simply is no option to mass manage stuff. And i think nothing can be done without source code.

    Ye that's true

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