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  1. versão mobile do 1200 mod tá disponivel ae amigo

  2. É só você ir em download pc em vermelho e apertá-lo e em seguida baixá-lo,sim só tem a versão pra pc, não conseguiram portá-lo para celular
  3. You could do events where the leaders(specially kings and emperors) dies and the succession of they for another.You can even put a war for these sucessions like, the Spanish War of Succession, in my opinion, sounds a cool mechanic
  4. Lmao i commonly uses android and only i have is laptop, i hope it works on laptop 😂
  5. Turkish comunity mod power 😂 Anyways, i wish you all luck.
  6. Look, this can be very cringe and funny at the same time, but can u create an event that Japan enters in a civil war that Pro-Anime lovers fights against Japanese traditional System and if the pro-anime won it can be Stablished the Anime Empire and worse, you can stablish an bigger Hentai empire lmao
  7. I just hope that this is just a April Fools joke i can't belive that he has to die in April Fools day.
  8. Reich, the org developer of the addon, shutted down the project and gave to ivr7 or Ivan as their successor of Addon mod (i remembered that ivr7 was already making he's mod but with another name) i also know that ivr7 was working with Reich in the addon as a scenario developer.
  9. All of Aoh2 users, we shall to report him and give all the atention for Lukas to take down memososisi topic and ban his account for ever. As we have great and humble turkish modders such as Keremz, he's the black sheep of all. As if that was not enough, he keep spamming on the topic of """"""his mod"""" to get more views. Your endgame is now mate.
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