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  1. Unfortunately this didn't work with my phone My phone is fairly new too.
  2. When do you think this mod will be finished and be playable? And will there be a Demo version?
  3. So with the current situation going on with the actual TNO mod. Will this affect this and how do you feel about the situation?
  4. Hello. When's the next update? Keep up the great work.
  5. Nice. Tried it with Samara and successfully united Russia There was no event so I just changed the name but still good.
  6. What are the current Russian states that can unite Russia? Like the states that you have completed their events.
  7. Thank you Changing fog of war to classic fixed the turns problems German civil war has some issues and it still shows Hitler as leader I also don't know how to get other leaders such as Taboritsky in charge of Komi.Its always the same person.
  8. Oh... Thats sad I really wanted to participate but I guess it doesn't exist anymore.
  9. It still takes a long time when I go on the next turn. My phone is pretty new and I don't know how to fix this. Any help?
  10. Is it still ongoing? I wanna add a nation if possible And can I choose where? Thank you
  11. Loading takes a long time. Its very annoying. But overall its good.
  12. It still takes a while to load.this ruins the mod a lot.
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