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  1. world asia turkey anatolia aegean ızmir
  2. i have good news tsgw s creator is gonna make age of imperialism mod and this mod ook very great it s gonna have tasks lol
  3. Ben bunu daha önce yapmıştım normal aoc2 de ama yüklememiştim ama seninki de güzel olmuş ellerine sağlık
  4. luka değil lukasz izin veriyor lukasz moda çünkü önerilenlere kendi koydu ve konuşamassın lukaszla adam leh yani polonyalı
  5. conquerors 2.0 not version second conquerors mod that kerem did it will be with more provinces they said and shared photos in their discord and i m also hyped with conquerors hoi4 edition and also hyped with the second great war
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