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  1. Delete the main age of civilization 2. Its a common problem when downloading a mod
  2. Kerem if you are seeing this(I hope you are), please revive Crusader mod and World+ If you have something to do like exam or just assignments, it's okay. All we want is just an update about it.
  3. Damn I have high hope for this mod Btw Simon, if you need any scenario ideas, here's some of my suggestions: -700BC -565 -1791 -1810 -Kaissereich -The New order -The man in the high castle -The Finnish Civil War(1919) -German Revolution of 1919
  4. Would be happy to see Napoleonic Wars scenarios but the new update is already good 👍👍👍
  5. This might be the best mod in the history of Age of Civilization or History lol (I know Addon+ and bloody europe and also Roma Invicta are also without a doubt the best mod but Conqueror II is just a mod that I would rather spend more time playing on)
  6. Sorry, its my first time sending png images and idk how to post png
  7. The flags in order: 1. Reichkommissariat Ukraine 2. Reichkommissariat Ostland(baltic states) 3. Reichkommissariat Moskowien 4. Reichkommissariat Netherlands 5. Reichkommissariat Madagascar 6. Reichkommissariat Caucasian 7. Reichkommissariat Norway 8. Reichkommissariat Africa These are the Reichkommissariat flags I know. Btw these are The New Order flags, if u want Normal Reichkommissariat flags, they are basically all nazi Germany flag latest-8 latest-9 latest-10 latest-15 latest-20 latest-24 latest-18 latest-21
  8. I just realised that in Modern World scenario, Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital is wrong. It should be Sarajevo instead of Tuzla. Please fix lol
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