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    Mussolini-64 reacted to ModCap in Reigns Of War | Ottoman Mod☪☠🏴   
    Welcome to ottoman mod, one of the best historical mods you can play. Get ready to feel like Magnificient Süleyman and put on your sword! 🤴🏻🗡⚔
    Now, Our March To The Wien Is Started! 🕍

    Here Is The Features Of Mod:
    - New Sounds👨🏻‍✈️
    - New Color Palette
    - New City Names🗡
    - New Background👊🏻
    - Achevements✔
    - New UI🐱‍🐉
    - Missions🌍
    - New Musics🤳🏻🎵
    - Power Balance💪🏻
    - New Civilizations🌐
    - Cores
    - Leader Changes🏴‍☠️
    - Random Events🔥
    - New Ottoman Leaders☪
    1282: Dead of The Ertuğrul Bey
    1299: Birth Of The Ottomans
    1302: War Of Koyunhisar
    1326: Conquest Of Bursa
    1329: War of The Pelakanon
    1352: Ottomans On The Europe!(düzenlendi)
    1362: Age of The Jannisarids
    1371: Battle of Çirmen
    1389: First Kosovo War
    1396: Battle of Nicopolis
    1402: The Ankara War
    1402 (Ottomans vs Timurids vs scenerio)
    1404: The Ottoman Civil War
    1420: Comeback Of Ottomans
    1444: The Treaty of Edirne Segedin
    1453: Fall of Constantinopole
    1463: War of Otlukbeli
    1480: The Italian Campaign
    1511: The Revolt Of Şahkulu
    1514: Battle of Çaldıran
    1517: War Of Ridaniye
    1526: War of Mohaç
    1529: First Siege Of Wien
    1538: War of Preveze
    1566: Death Of The Magnificient Sultan(düzenlendi)
    1590: In The Peak
    1606: Peace of Zİtvatorok
    1638: The Siege of Bağdad
    1663: War of Saint Gotthard(düzenlendi)
    1683: Second Wien Campaign
    1697: Fail of The Ottomans
    1700: Peace of Karlofça
    HERE IS THE END OF THE SCENERİOS, WİLL BE CONTİNİUED ON OUR NEXT MOD💂🏻‍♀️💂🏻‍♂️👳🏻‍♂️👳🏻‍♀️🤲🏻 HERE IS MY USERNAME ON DİSCORD Eric Cartman#2754. And here is our discord community (it is building now) https://discord.gg/dH9JuQG2

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    Mussolini-64 reacted to Italian PeC in Age of Imperialism: an Age of History 2 mod   
    The grandest project in age of history 2's history yet. 
    This mod, made from the maker of "The Second Great War" will revolutionize and forever change the way you play age of History 2, by making the game into an entirely new experience, more difficult yet more interesting.
    The mod will focus on the concept of Empire in the modern era's terms, like colonial empires and expansionist states, as well as a new and more in depth look into your country and what events happened to it between the eras.
    The mod will add over 30 new scenarios, hundreds of new countries, alternate histories, real histories and much more.
    The main starting date is in 1815, just after the Congress of Vienna. This mod introduces objectives which your nation will need to complete to gain bonuses and the upper hand on other countries of the era, through the new ideology-based system of "industrialization". Following 5 ideologies, the development level of your country will go from uncivilized, to civilized, to non-industrialized (where European and colonial nations start as) , to partially industrialized, and finally industrialized. These ideologies will allow for greater growth and bigger armies as you upgrade them, bringing to armies on the hundreds of thousands being a normality in AOI (Age of Imperialism)'s battles.
    Aggressiveness has also been reworked, with the minimum now being 0% , which is highly suggested for scenarios with events.
    Among other things, AOI will include:
    - a new exclusive map created by the fusion of all terrain maps from the popular game Victoria II👑
    - over 200 new provinces to make borders look better and create better "greater countries"⚔️
    - 30 new scenarios 💥
    - 5 scenarios of the 30 will include events ( for example the highly anticipated realistic world war 1 scenario, and the world war 2 scenario coming straight from The Second Great War mod, so you will be able to delete that mod since this one will include it in it's entirety)⚜️
    -1 completely new "CONGRESS OF VIENNA" scenario with objectives, revolutions, industrialization mechanics, new colonial mechanics , historical and alternate history events and much more.⚙️
    - A completely new UI✅
    - new music🎶
    This project is being worked on by a small modding team (Starfruit, Greenlion, James, stefan ecc...) headed by Italian P&C, so the progress, although slow, will keep going forward. It is my intention to release the mod this summer, as soon as it is finished.
    The only thing asked in exchange for the working on this mod is that you subscribe to the mod's creator on Youtube, Italian P&C: https://youtube.com/channel/UCD-hWGkNIC8PaEEcA2bnV5g

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    Mussolini-64 reacted to Italian PeC in Age of History II : The Second Great War mod by Italian P&C 🎆VERSION 1.1 JUST RELEASED🎆   
    Mobile also gets something more, an exclusive alt history scenario with normal events: 

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    Mussolini-64 reacted to Italian PeC in Age of History II : The Second Great War mod by Italian P&C 🎆VERSION 1.1 JUST RELEASED🎆   
    Age of History II : The Second Great war is an AoH2 mod with the objective of 
    completely revamping the World War 2 Scenario by perfecting it 
    and adding a completely new and exclusive mechanic : Event Trees
    The mod aims to be an immersive experience for the players of AoH2 that are bored of repeating the same stuff every time with different mods. While other mods aim to expand the map, add provinces or make more scenarios, "The Second Great War" (or just TSGW) for short gives a completely new spin to an already in game scenario,  making it as interesting as possible,  by perfecting the scenario (making it better gameplay wise, as well as adding cores and diplomacy) and most of all, Adding  "Event Trees" aka an original mix between  events and Hoi4-like Focus Trees. These event trees take you to different paths depending on the nation you choose to play as, with events popping up either as one-time decision with no excess influence or as complete game changers that can change your path and your following events down the line. 
    Together  with historical events, such as remilitarizing the Rhineland, opening of airports, building of museums, Historical wars, historical ultimatums and more, we also have completely new and different alternate unhistorical paths you can take your nation through. Want to ditch germany as fascist Italy and pursue an alliance with the Allies? You can! Want to focus on the economy as Germany? You can! Want to enter the Axis as a military government in Turkey? You can! Want to create the Intermarium as an alliance of sovereign states ? You can!  Want to re-establish the Monarchy in Brazil after a violent year long civil war? Hell yes you can!
    This mod adds over 200 different events all over the world, with bigger Event Trees for important nations in the second great war , like Italy,  Germany, Japan, the USSR and America , but also adding massive event trees to less popular nations,  like Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil and more! 
    So when will the mod be out? Are you going to let this 
    die and just leave this project unfinished like most modders?
    HELL NO! The mod has already been 4 month in development, and it's close to being finished, meaning that by the end of the month or even EARLIER, you could get to play it on both Android or PC with no problems!
    How do I support this mod? Where can I download it the second it comes out?
    You can find the download link (when it comes out),  as well as showcases of the mod on my Youtube channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCD-hWGkNIC8PaEEcA2bnV5g
    PS we also have a discord: https://discord.gg/ZWa6WTqJ
    Download links: PC https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FsEgf1aH-aB1tehRO5MTAkd54k8wV637/view?usp=drivesdk
    Download links: Android https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G0j75ZQ6e9TVdpjTSW__aKtjziwkzStb/view?usp=drivesdk
    P.S. Great thanks to the developer of the mod for AoH2 called TNO, Aren, for helping me develop the Android version of this mod, I couldn't have done it without him ##


    Big thanks to Greenlion, Starlight and Stefan 

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    Mussolini-64 reacted to Kerems2434 in Conquerors v1.5.1 "Conquerors of the New Age" / DOWNLOAD NOW!   
    Age of Civilizations II - Conquerors Mod by AoC2ModdingTR

    Conquerors is a Europa Universalis IV patch for Age of Civilizations II. We added a lot of new features to the game with this mod. 
    We'll do updates every month or every two months to the mod.
    So what is the features of the mod?
    - New EU4 - Extended Timeline Map (3708 Provinces)
    - 1829 City Names for the EU4 Map
    - New improved HRE (Holy Roman Empire) System
    - New Formable Systems to Some Countries (Will be added to more countries with 4th update)
    - Added "Choose Your Way" system to Turkey (This feature will be added to more countries with other updates)
    - Over 701 New Leaders
    - 203 Formable Civilizations
    - EU4 Civilizations Colors for all scenarios
    - EU4 Extended Timeline Scenarios
    - Improved Graphics
    - Quicker Turn Pass Speeds (with v1.1 Fixing the Bugs Update)
    - About 1500 New Civilizations
    - EU4 Interface
    - EU4 Icons
    - EU4 Musics
    - EU4 Declare War Sound
    - Improved WW1 Scenario
    - Improved WW2 Scenario
    - New Flag Effect
    - New Font
    - New Game Logo
    - Compatible Versions for Windows & Android   

    Ottoman Empire (Turkey):  Ottoman Beylik -> First Ottoman Empire -> Great Ottoman Empire <- Ottoman Empire (Development period) <- Ottoman Empire (Downfall Period) <- Turkey
    Greece (Byzantine Empire): Greece -> Megali Idea -> Byzantine Empire -> Eastern Roman Empire -> Roman Empire
    Italy (Roman Empire): Italy -> Italy Kingdom -> Western Roman Empire -> Roman Empire
    England (United Kingdom): Anglo-Saxons -> Sussex,Wessex,Essex -> England -> Great Britain -> United Kingdom -> British Empire
    Azerbaijan (Safavids): Azerbaijan -> Great Azerbaijan -> Caucasus Turkish State -> Safavids
    And more....
    - Fixed over 134 capital problems in all scenarios years
    - Fixed and added new leaders to the WW1
    - Fixed over 57 connection problems
    - Fixed Eastern Germany Leader in the Cold War Scenario
    - Improved Background
    - All of the islands added to 1991, 1947 and Modern World Scenarios
    - Fixed some ideology problems (like Ottoman – Democracy)
    - Solved the slow turn pass problem in all of the scenarios 
    - Remade WW1 Scenario
    - Remade WW2 Scenario
    - Added 1939 Scenario 
    - Added Spanish Civil War Scenario (DLC Version)
    - Fixed default Spanish Civil War Scenario 
    - Added 15 scenarios to between 395 - 1399 years.
    - Added new improved HRE (Holy Roman Empire) System
    - Added new formable system to Azerbaijan (This feature will be added to more countries with 4th update)
    - Added "Choose Your Way" system to Turkey (This feature will be added to more countries with other updates)
    - Fixed over 49 connection problems and some bugs
    - Fixed some borders in the scenarios
    - Added over 50 new leaders
    - Added Nile, Danube, Iberian, Euphrates and Tigris Rivers

    - Improved the WW2 Scenario
    In v1.1 and earlier, in the WW2 scenario, France topped the rankings despite being a powerless country of the era. He could easily defeat Nazi Germany. In order to make this absurd situation more realistic, a detailed nerf (power reduction) was applied to the country of France. The powerful states of the period, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, were given buff (empowerment). The nerf made to France was made more logical by detailing. The Gallic region, where France's main territory is located, was made stronger, while the value of the African territory, where France's colonies are located, was reduced to a minimum. So, when you play with a country that is an enemy of France, it will be a little difficult on the territory of main France, but it will be quite easy for you to invade the rest of France after you drop the main line.

    - Added canals and a system for the canals.. (Suez, Panama, Kiel..)
    For a long time, many people want the addition of canals such as Suez, Kiel. And we always opposed this, because it would disrupt realism in scenarios before the construction date of the channels.
    Like "Being able to cross the Suez Canal in the scenario of the year 632"...
    But now you will be able to pass through the channels without disrupt realism.
    Conqueror's II v1.2 version will come with 2 maps in it. One map will be called "After 1859" and the other map will be called "Before 1859". (1859 - > Date of Construction of the Suez Canal). On the "After 1859" map, scenarios after 1859 will be found, and on this map you will have the opportunity to pass through the canals.
    On the "Before 1859" map, there will be scenarios before 1859, and on this map you will not be able to pass through the canals.
    In short, in order to switch between scenarios where you can use channels and scenarios that you can't use, you just need to switch from the game to the other map.

    - Improved the background
    - Fixed some formable civilizations problems (like need lands from India for form the Yugoslavia)
    - India nerfed in WW1, WW2 and Modern World scenarios.
    - Nazi Germany buffed in WW2 scenario.
    - Added +90 new scenarios
    - Added focus trees to some major countries
    - Added about 80 new formable civilizations
    - Added over 100 new leaders
    - Added %0 AI Agrression Feature
    - New Formable Civilizations Systems
    - About 1500 New Civilizations
    - We'll add more formable civilizations systems (like Ottoman, Italy, Greece systems)
    - We'll fix some bugs and mistakes
    - We'll fix some borders in the scenarios
    After all of the updates, we'll release "Conqueror's II - Complete Edition"

    IMPROVED HRE (HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE) SYSTEM (With v1.2 "The Dark Age" Update)
    As you know, Conqueror's II is an EU4 mod. And when you attack a Holy Roman State in EU4, all the Holy Roman States go to war with you. But the Holy Roman system in Age of History 2 is useless. You can become another country and conquer the Holy Roman States very easily. To break this ease, tomorrow we will introduce the system of the Holy Roman Empire, which we have just added to the game. Conquering the Holy Roman States will no longer be as easy as it used to be. Especially, we will make states that were superpowers of their time, such as the Austrian Empire, stronger. And with this system, if you declare war on a Holy Roman State, All Holy Rome will declare war on you. This system will be more focused on scenario 1444.
    We negotiated with Addon+ Creator to use the "Changing leaders with events" (Created by Russian community) feature for Conquer's II and we got positive answers. In Conquerors v1.5 (3rd Update) there is a great possiblity that we will include elections, death of leaders, new leaders taking over etc. features will be added. Keep waiting.
    I thank the Russian Community for sharing this feature with us. @Reich

    AoC2ModdingTR YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIVov6An3mEzP17tLGcZl6g
    AoC2ModdingTR Discord Server: https://discord.gg/XXkgg695u4
    AoC2ModdingTR Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/AoModding
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    Mussolini-64 got a reaction from FurkanTR14 in Conquerors v1.5.1 "Conquerors of the New Age" / DOWNLOAD NOW!   
    there is a little mistake in 1923 scenaria ireland took its indepndence in 1922 but still cool scenario and mod but please fix it
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    Mussolini-64 got a reaction from Kerems2434 in Conquerors v1.5.1 "Conquerors of the New Age" / DOWNLOAD NOW!   
    there is a little mistake in 1923 scenaria ireland took its indepndence in 1922 but still cool scenario and mod but please fix it
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    Mussolini-64 reacted to Emre uuu in Conquerors v1.5.1 "Conquerors of the New Age" / DOWNLOAD NOW!   
    I downloaded it and played it and it wasn't nice 🙁
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    Mussolini-64 reacted to Emre uuu in Conquerors v1.5.1 "Conquerors of the New Age" / DOWNLOAD NOW!   
    lukas we don't want aoh 3 we want you to update aoh2 just like kerem.😔
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