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  1. Damn, things we're more complicated than i thought, there's a lot of mechanic in Kaiserreich which is really hard for me to convert to AOH2, here I give you a bit screenshot of some usa events, and this is just one country and not even completely finished. This will take a long time, a veeeery long long time, and I need to play Kaiserreich more often to understand the sequence of events & mechanics from countries that I rarely play such as ottoman, germany & mittelafrika for example. Also here's some USA gameplay Teasers And i also fra
  2. Don't worry, there already an event for that, its really hard to explain it here, i will upload this teaser on my youtube channel in the future, when the teaser is uploaded i will tag your comment so you can see it. By the way, the british is in a civil war in this mod, you better focus reclaiming british isles land against the syndies, or defending yourself against the monarch*st canadians, also if you want to Invade egypt that means your'e going to be at war with the whole egypt & it's allies, and you cannot just invade egypt through mediterranian sea, because gibraltar is owned by
  3. Yeah, good news, if I'm not mistaken, the Russian rewok in Kaiserreich will be released on May 8, at this point I don't need to make a beta again, but the full version, but you all have to be patient because this will take a lot of time, and the development of this mod will be continue again next month 🥳
  4. I will explain everthing in the future, everything is planned 👌 For now, lemme take a rest for a while
  5. Ok. I have all flags in kaiserreich and i really like kaiserreich. and i can help you with script coding :- ) Thanks, but i prefer to do this all by myself btw what is red border line on your mod its inaccessible provinces, like sahara desert, amazon forest, etc, i think it would be interesting if i add this to the mod
  6. hey India has reworked. google "kaiserreich india rework" Yeah mate i know there's going to be a rework for India & also Russia, that's why I intend to release this mod in Beta version first, Soon i will hold a voting and users have to choose one of these 3 content, The First is the China region full content (all warlord China, from League war, Unification & Sino-Japanese war), The second is the American Civil War (only until the civil war is over), and The Third one is the Middle East ( Ottoman, Egypt, Nejd, Jabbal Shammar, Syria, Iraq, Hejaz, Yemen & Iran), in this Beta vers
  7. When it's ready : P Sorry ? I don't understand A lot Both I'm doing this all by myself Idk
  8. Hello Everyone, today i want to introduce my first mod ever, It's called "In The Name Of The Kaiser". In The Name Of The Kaiser is an Age of History 2 mod which is 99% inspired from Kaiserreich, a mod about the world where the German Empire won the First World War for a game called Hearts of Iron 4, the reason i didn't name this mod Kaiserreich because of the Rules say no. For now, after spending a lot of time reworking borders, population, and various other things, I'm going to take a break from making this mod because there are some important things in the real world that I have to do,
  9. So I've seen a Cold War mod that changed the "Holy Roman Empire" name into "United Nations", does anyone here know how to do it ? because it would be very interesting if I could change the "Holy Roman Empire" name to "Mitteleuropa" in my kaiserreich mod. Edit : nvm, i found it lol.
  10. Cool mod, btw how do you change the AI aggresiveness to 0% ? is there any way i can change it in pc ?
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