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    Saxurz reacted to ($Jake$) in a button that assimilates and builds buildings in every province   
    Just cut the middleman and add a button that assimilates all provinces and builds all buildings in all provinces. Perfect solution.
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    Saxurz got a reaction from Krajisnik in New command (deleteplayer)   
    Game now has a command addplayer,  i would suggest command deleteplayer too. 
    Just like addplayer choose province and do command.  I do not know if it is even possible to deleteplayers that have losed (0 provinces left). 
    I've taken 118 players to game now.  It is so much that i must use automatic clicker to pass all turns 😄.
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    Saxurz reacted to LilKaff in Religions   
    Hey guys, I was searching the "scenarios" folder and I found a folder called "religions", so, I opened that and I see some files without extension (like .rar, .exe, .png), this folder is in Age of Civilizations 2/game/. The name of these files is abbreviated but I can read some files, like "chr" (Christian), "jew" (jew, obviously) and "hin" (hindu). I think Lukasz will make a update and add that feature since there is not in the game.

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