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  1. so you're inspire to combine the two sccenario where's the germ, the pizza boys, and the British of asia won WW2 with the soviet turn into a milloin states, while german and Japanese have the left and right of US of A? kinda buy that, but when will it be release? would be long to figure out how to make things into this scenario?
  2. *look at he map* wait the hot diddly minute, this look kinda awfully like the The New Order: Last Days of Europe, only with both Americas somehow effected by the aftermath.
  3. i agree, every game i played within AOH2 can't go on without sign of border gore, like holy crap, countries in modern days scenario will go nuts and look horrible, it make the border of india and bangladesh borders before 2015 look extremely normal in comparison.
  4. look like i can play a scenario game the America fear the most, Communist World.
  5. what is this, a scenario for ants?
  6. cool, but where he is a leader to?, Mexico?.
  7. uh, can't download it, its down, what happened?
  8. just a little scenario that feature ALL the states/governorates within Egypt (+ they all can form egypt, no matter who you play as) egypt scenario.rar this played just like united states and brazil scenario. and don't ask me why i made it, i just did.
  9. cool, but south America and the rest of africa ain't here yet, don't worry, you take your time doing it.
  10. i'm a just waiting for the asia, africa, south america, and a buncha little islands from the east to come out soon. otherwise, a good scenario.
  11. i'm sorry, but like, ain't poland historically had suffer enough pain after 1795 and 1945?
  12. most of them ain't president but ok.
  13. mimida21

    Rise Of Africa

    is the middle east part done yet?
  14. so is iran, sorry, should have name it "north Africa and middle east scenario", but i guess i just wanted to combine two thing as one, the result is turkey being number one somehow.
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