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  1. Will this be in English too? It looks really good. I'm liking the accurate borders
  2. https://discord.gg/6Wxue4FqeE If you are a fan of AoH2, want to get some achievements and you are a player of any of my mods: The Second Great War, Bliss of the Ancients or you are excited for the upcoming HUGE AoH2 mod : "Age of Imperialism" then I suggest joining our Discord server, where you can get gameplay, teasers and news! https://discord.gg/6Wxue4FqeE
  3. I made the mod cuz I felt like making some ancient history stuff. It shouldn't be considered as a big one like AOI. It's just one you can have some fun with when you dont want to spend too much time playin
  4. really hopin this doesn't die. this could become as good as @Aryan's TNO mod but for Kaiserreich
  5. Bliss of the Ancients is a mod for AoH2 set in 550 BCE , 50 years before the start of the First Persian war, and right in time to experience the magical and divided world of archaic greece and Anatolia. The mod has over 1200 provinces and is set to expand to have all the shown map in future updates, probably getting to insane numbers of provinces. It adds over 200 new countries from a by-gone era. A lot of research was made to see all the greek poleis and their positions, so this is the most accurate version of any ancient history map game (just look at Asia Minor).
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