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  1. Yes, the map will be remade so that things Lukas missed out will be added such as that can be added
  2. I have only put in the icons for the games from EU4, CK3, VIC 2 so far.
  3. What scenarios would you most want to be in this mod? Feedback appreciated as it allows the mod to be better 🙂
  4. Earth+ development = 5%
  5. Earth+ A AOH2 mod by Historica Hello AOH2 community! I Earth+ is a modification to the vanilla version of AOH2 that will improve the experience. So what are the features of this mod? Features: - Realistic background -More ideologies (governments) -New icons from Paradox games -More provinces -More scenarios -Cities -Diseases -Events Discord Community Join our discord server to support development and hangout! https://discord.gg/eqg2u5hbFu
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