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  1. Hey does anyone else think that needing an ally to justify war is like, totally stupid and makes no sense?
  2. Hey can you make it so in the Cold War scenario the Eastern Bloc are puppets or in an alliance with the Soviets? They're literally just communist and it doesn't fit with, you know, history.
  3. I would also like to mention this screenshot was taken on mobile, and is not connected to the version having issues, I just used it for a quick example.
  4. I keep trying to add civilizations to my game (PC, Steam) and I use the legit process, (Add Flag, add Tag, add correct info in Language file). My only issue is, if I add more than around 10 civilizations like this, it causes me to crash when I hit the play button (shown in picture). I can still edit/make scenarios, edit map stuff, add formables, and do everything else, but I can't actually play the game part of the game. If anyone has a fix or any info I'd greatly appreciate it!
  5. You don't have to do anything but smooth out the colors, I can remove the border and add terrain.
  6. I want to make a map based off of the linked map, the idea being you make it bigger and than each pixel is a province, that way you can draw borders how you want them. The only issue is that I want the map to not have the black border and have realistic terrain. This map does not have consistent colors. The land alone has like 100 different colors. I was wondering if someone could help me by smoothing out the colors so I can make the rest.
  7. Hell yeah! This will be amazing. Do you have an estimated time of release, and will it be on mobile?
  8. The built in scenarios have a lot of inaccurate borders, plus there are provinces that NEED to follow rivers for accuracy but don't, like the Mississippi. Plus North Korea doesn't have it's proper name it's just a tag. The USA scenario should have DC. The Federal Republic of Germany in the cold war scenario has some land that should be Danish, and Germany is missing land on another scenario. In the Korean war scenario South Korea is missing a bit of land that's disconnected from the main area. Lots of issues like these are all over.
  9. It'll be out pretty soon, as the dev said in a more recent reply. As for the scenario it seems that if you're on PC then yes, but it wont be there for mobile cause of problems.
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