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  1. On this day, LaFinchy finished the Betsiboka region Province count: 564
  2. Finished the region of Bongolava Region thus finishing the Merina Region Province count: 510
  3. Now i have finished Vakinankaratra Province Count: 467
  4. Either the Maldives, Australia for the Swahili Coast
  5. I have created Itasy now Province Count: 405
  6. I don't think i will do that. The provinces like for example the sahara desert or antarctica will probably be bigger than in madagascar
  7. have finished Analanmanga and the Capital Antananarivo Province Count: 382
  8. Make all the provinces of Atsinanana Province count: 345
  9. Im Also thinking of giving this mod a name Im Thinking it should be "Tourniquet" or something. Open to suggestions.
  10. I have just Finished Alaotra Mangoro Province Count: 308
  11. Now have finished the Sofia Region Province Count: 263
  12. Getting closer, I finished the Analanjirofo Region. province count of 203
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