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  1. TNO's German borders and russian borders are impossible in conquerors.
  2. The Anglo-French Union Flag. or the flag of the Angevin Federation
  3. remove "ai summoning more troops"
  4. another impressive mod from the russian community !
  5. @Aryan could yoy add this song into the mod in the next update?
  6. Its only in Amercia and Japan Sadly
  7. nuclear war is already in the game, if the Japanese or Americans take 20% of eachothers territory, a nuclear war is triggered
  8. Romania is another word for the Roman Empire, Latin Empire of Constantinople, and the Byzantine Eastern Roman Empire. Romania means (Land of the Romans)
  9. polished and fun mod. i like it a lot
  10. Very good mod, the dynasties and formables make the game a lot funner
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