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  1. hey, I don't know if it's a lot of trouble, but could you make a video tutorial? I did not understand the guide very well
  2. Dmmk

    My map does not load

    I already did all that except cleaning the scales / provinces folder, but I tried and the same thing keeps happening, thanks anyway
  3. Dmmk

    My map does not load

    I just checked and ... no
  4. Dmmk

    My map does not load

    like a 0 bytes size province?
  5. Dmmk

    My map does not load

    yes, i check it, instantly crash
  6. Dmmk

    My map does not load

    Whenever I make a map with the editor when loading it, the game crashes, and I tried many things and nothing, please help
  7. Wow, ┬┐Como es que este post solo tiene 4 descargs?
  8. Dmmk

    Map Editor 2.0

    idk how open the jarr file, please help
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