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  1. Sim,eu sei que ja respondi no Telegram,mas pode sim
  2. Por isso é alternativo;-; mas acho que vou mudar isso dps
  3. This is an alternative scenario, from the Brazilian civil war, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! 1624291629956whkdhjsr.rar
  4. Need to replace the game's own modern world file?
  5. The next update will happen next week
  6. Я надеюсь, ты скоро поправишься
  7. Do you think the mod can come out later this month? I asked this question but I know the mod can come out in the summer I'm just asking if it can come out later this month.
  8. A great event in my opinion would be the 1812 war that was the USA VS The United Kingdom
  9. This scenario is not 100% complete, I will add more cores, but this unfinished version is available for download, not all provinces are right. 1623083030798uryhfviy.rar
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