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  1. Looks very good You wanna make a mod of it?
  2. There is always some people who don't have A good pc or just play on phone.
  3. Same It's literally the only reason why I still playing this game
  4. Can you make Ajam? Central timurids is ajam You can find it in EU4 map
  5. You two just made this dead mod be on "popular now" list
  6. Making mods for everyone keeps the community alive.but it doesn't matter anyway, why should we try to keep a dead game?
  7. Btw I want to play Keizhkreich Seems fun and different
  8. Interesting So you are racist but actually not
  9. It's hard to support rebels For example I want to make rebels rise up in spain, but I can just give them a small amount money Can increase the money so we can give to rebels more to rise up?
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