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  1. Bugs fix. France bugs and others. I updated the download
  2. New update! Its more like a mini update but still an update You will see more event colonies and more random stuff like Sweden invading the Baltics. I made it so France can get rid off England at mainland Europe (almost except from one province) Update is at the top
  3. Sorry I'm having a bit of trouble with updating it as I'm currently going through education so I don't really have the time BUT, don't expect me to stop updating it because a update is coming real soon
  4. (Read this before you start questioning things) I have not seen any thing to do with colonisation and just the start date 1440, so I decided to do that. What this mod provides: Only England, France, Portugal and Castile colonise. (for a 1,000 turns before cancer starts) Tribes are not ignored. (Not 100% true) Some events. (more for the future) France does not die immediately. (Not 100% true) Creation of dutchy of Prussia, polish - Lithuanian commonwealth, Spain and Tsardom of Russia by events. Ming is weakened a lot. (+ Civil war which is hard btw)
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