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  2. yeah that was there before
  3. Just in case anybody has an issue, like I did, with one of the halves of the background image not showing up in game, you may have to extend the width of the images horizontally, try doubling the width of the left image leftwards, and doubling the width of the right image rightwards.
  4. Fully fledged WWI scenario No events If you want events, I am working on a mod that includes events, new leaders, new countries, and more I tried my best at recreating the map region for region, but due to the shapes of the provinces, some areas like Italian Libya and Ottoman Hejaz are not 100% accurate. Also don't mind the leaders, AoHII seems to think Mussolini is the king of Italy, I can't fix that for the scenario, but for the mod I will. Remember to set the game speed to 50%, or you'll be in 1918 in 8 turns Also remember to MAKE THE WEIMAR REPUB
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